love in the ice

I got 99 problems and the amount I ship almost everyone with everyone within that K-pop group called DBSK is all of them and more! Basically, I adore the chemistry between the five of them, and I write fanfiction to explore all the possibilities.

That being said, there are a few ships that I just cannot go on board with, like YunJae or JaeChun. And it’s not because I don’t like their relationships either. I just simply cannot see the possibilities of them being romantically involved. Other than that, I do sometimes believe that our boys were in one big orgy back then and I wish I’m joking.

And that, my friend, disturbingly concluded my wordy introduction to the very short list of fanfiction I’ve written in this fandom thus far, which you can all find below.

– series: all you need is love –

Changmin in the sky with diamonds
HoMin| short fic| M| romance| finished
chapter 1 + chapter 2 + chapter 3


The art of problem solving
HoMin| multi-chaptered| M| romance| angst| on-going
chapter 1 + chapter 2 + chapter 3 + chapter 4 + chapter 5
{phụ lục 1: ngày đi làm thứ nhất của thực tập sinh Jang Haeki}
{phụ lục 2: ngày đi làm thứ một trăm ba mươi hai của social manager Byun Baekhyun}


And in the night, one little snowflake
Yunho| original characters| K+| AU| non-SA| finished
first installment + second installment + third installment + fourth installment


– series: their songs, their stories –

YooSu| oneshot| non-AU| M| angst| finished

Rainy night
YooSuJae| oneshot| non-AU| T| romance| finished
first installment + second installment

YooSu| short fic| non-AU| T| angst| dropped
first installment + second installment + third installment


Just the endless pain
YooSu| multi-chaptered| angst| dropped
chapter 1 + chapter 2


Giấc mơ
YooSu| drabble| R| neo-romance| finished


YooSu| short fic| K+| romance| finished
first installment + second installment + third installment


School days
YooSu| series| T| romance| fluff|
{episode 1: trốn học} {episode 2: sách}
{episode 3: bài thực hành giữa kỳ} {episode 4: cắm trại}


Putting the best to the test
HoMin| oneshot| Jack Ryan AU| MA| English


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